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Quality Quarantee



Brake caliper

Brake caliper is the most important part in a automobile.

Our caliper is based on the global standard of intensity and preciseness. We are sure that our caliper is machined precisely and has durability for strong braking power. Our housing is made of not only general material, nodular graphite cast iron, but aluminum casting and aluminum forging for lightening car. We have confidence in our high quality with complete test.


Brake Booster & cylinder assy

With Caliper, Master Booster Cylinder plays an important role in the reliability of brake system of a car.
Master Booster Cylinder is high-precision part for drivers' safety, we are sure of our products with accurate machining, high-tech assembling skill, strict inspection and durability.



Machining Center Workshop


Assembly Line for Brake boosters & Cylinders


Universal Assembly Workshop for Brake Calipers


Auto&Semi-auto Casting Line for Brake Disc , Caliper Casing , Other Iron Casting Parts.


One Glance  of  Production Inspection

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