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Electric brake booster vacuum pump

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Why is Electric Vacuum Pump needed in brake system ? 

The electrical vacuum pump is activated on demand to support the evacuation of the brake booster. The vacuum pump can provide the necessary vacuum for the brake booster in a wide range of situations when the internal combustion engine is unable to do so, e.g. during the cold start/warm-up phase, at high altitudes or when using the air-conditioning system. The pump is installed parallel to the main combustion engine and evacuates filtered air via the brake booster and flexible pneumatic hoses.
Electrical contact between the electrical brake booster pump and the ECU is made using a cable equipped with an engine compartment connector and attached to the vacuum pump.

What advantages of Electric Vacuum Pump?
• Reduction in energy requirements thanks to on-demand pump operation
• Helps to reduce CO2 emissions
• Independent of combustion engine technology
• Maintenance-free (dry running and self-lubrication requires no connection to the oil circuit)
• Electrically driven vacuum pumps support a flexible vehicle platform concept
• Optimized housing

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