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Vacuum Pump F3TZ2A451A 64-1007 for FORD E-350/E-250 1992-

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Product Descriptions

Part Name: Brake/Alternator vacuum pump, Brake booster pump, Vacuum pump Assy

Ref. Number:   F3TZ2A451A, 64-1007

Models Applied: FORD

FORD E-350 1992-1993
FORD F-250 1992-1993
FORD F-350 1992-1993


Condition: Brand new Aftermarket high quality part

Features: Customized order is available , based on drawings/samples.

What is vacuum pump?

Vacuum pumps are used in vehicles where the necessary vacuum cannot be generated by the intake manifold, for example, direct injection and turbo engines with variable valve timing.

The pump generates a negative pressure of between 750 and 850 mbar by drawing air out of the vacuum system. The pump works through positive displacement to move air from the vacuum system and then through the crankcase ventilation into the air intake system.
The vacuum pump is driven by the alternator rotor shaft. The Vacuum generated will be supplied to the high actuation force needed to control components such as:

  •     Brake boosters;
  •     Secondary air valves;
  •     Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves;
  •     Turbocharger controls;
  •     Central locking systems


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