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PV4K-2 GM Left Side Prop Valve Kit. Disc/Disc - Brass

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Product Descriptions

Part Name: GM Left Side Prop Valve Kit. Disc/Disc - Brass

Type: PV4K-2

For use with 9/16 & 1/2" Ports Master Cylinders
Left Mount Brass Proportioning Valve
Steel Lines, Bracket
Proportioning Valve Plug
Left side means drivers side
(1) 1/2" ports for the front brakes
(2) 9/16-18" port for the rear



What Does the Proportioning Valve Do for My Brakes?

Your car’s braking system is intricate and complex. There’s a lot more to braking systems than calipers and rotors. One crucial aspect of a vehicle’s braking system is the proportioning valve. Knowing the function and importance of your brake proportioning valve is essential to understanding how your car works and knowing when to get it checked out by a technician.



Function and Purpose of the Proportioning Valve

The proportioning valve typically connects the master cylinder to the rest of the braking system, but sometimes it is independent of the cylinder. This valve is necessary for optimizing front-to-rear bias, also referred to as brake balance. It is a spring-loaded component that activates when fluid pressure builds when you step on the brake pedal. Then, the valve’s plunger unseats and fluid rushes into the calibrated range. Once this happens, the spring gets compressed and the plunger blocks the fluid from passing through. Even pressure distribution among the front and rear of your vehicle is important for safe and reliable braking performance.

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